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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2018

IIT Bombay Diamond Jubilee (2018-19)

Every birthday or anniversary is significant, particularly for institutions like IIT Bombay (IITB). The 60th anniversary of IITB’s founding day, our Diamond Jubilee, is this special occasion that we have been celebrating at IITB over the past year. A Diamond Jubilee comes at a critical juncture in the history of an institution that has just celebrated the Golden Jubilee in a grand manner only a decade back, and where the upcoming Platinum Jubilee and Centenary celebrations shimmer enticingly ahead.

Sixty years is but a short time in the history of any university or institute when compared to the many centuries that many leading educational and research institutions of the word have endured. Still, in these short 60 years, IIT Bombay has proven to be the leading Institute of India on many fronts and that of the World too. Therefore, when the IITB leadership decided to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, a conscious effort was made by them to initiate a few key events and activities from amongst the many that the IITB-DJ Celebration Committee had suggested. It was decided that these events and activities would be executed through various Task Forces (TF) led by Institute functionaries like Deputy Directors, Deans and Heads, and, moreover, they would be funded internally without any special fund raising efforts, but with special emphasis to introspect, to assess impact, and to reconnect to all stakeholders.

To mention just a few of the events and activities, here is a short list: a Task Force led by the Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations) had very successful series of reunion meetings for alumni in several cities of India and also in the USA; a Task Force led by the Dy Director (AIA) facilitated a series of marquee conferences that every Department and Centre of IITB could take advantage of. These were meant to take stock of where the Departments/Centres currently were, academically and research-wise, and where they wanted to be in the next decade. A task force led by the Dean (IPS) re-examined long-pending infrastructure projects and reprioritized several like the community centre and crèche-expansion that would benefit all campus residents. A TF led by Dy Director (FEA) and Registrar initiated a scheme for scholarships to staff children; a TF led by Dean (SA) organized several social and cultural programs, and added special activities or events to the traditional ones; a TF led by Dean (R&D) organized a TedX event on campus; other TFs organized activities for students at the KV and Campus schools on campus; the Central Librarian organized activities like story-telling for campus kids; and a TF led by the Director began a significant study into the economic and social impact that IITB has had over the last sixty years. This impact survey and report would in itself be a landmark lasting outcome of IITB’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Task Force

  1. PR and Branding Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean ACR (Convener)
    2. Head IDC
    3. Liza from DRF
    4. Kapil Kaul from DRF
    5. PRO
    6. Ravi Poovaiah (IDC)
    7. Prof. Dinesh Sharma (SoM)
    8. Student representative Gen Sec. Cult
    1. Appoint a PR Agency, Social media Agency/specialist, Event management agency
    2. Develop a Brand Manual
    3. Ensure a system for Live Coverage of Events and subsequent archival
    4. Publicity in Electronic and Print Media
    5. Set the stage for DRF to subsquently raise funds for Research Activities
    6. Facebook Page,Linkedin and Twitter account for DJ year
    7. Promotion of IIT Brand through DJ-IIT logo on stationary and visiting cards
    8. Making a film on IITB and its achievements
    9. Develop a souvenir with messages from prominent personalities (e.g., leaders in technology, education, business and political)
    10. Estimate budget for these activities by March 05, 2018
  2. Cultural Events Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean SA (Convener)
    2. Prof. Prasenjit Bhaumik (Chairman Cultural)
    3. Prof. K G Suresh (Physics)
    4. Prof. Rajesh Zele ( EE)
    5. Mr. Mahaveer Gandosi (NASA)
    1. Plan and execute Three to Four major concerts throughout IITB-DJ Year
    2. Indian Classical ( First music concert March 9th or 10th)
    3. Others like Western, Bollywood old songs or Gazalnite
    4. Consider newer events like Kavi sammelan
    5. Estimate budget for these activities by March 05, 2018
  3. Memento, Postal stamp and first day cover Task Force (TF)

    1. DD AIA
    2. Dean ACR (Convenor)
    3. Prof. B K Chakravarthy (IDC)
    4. PRO
    5. Manjula Mehta (Dean ACR Office)
    6. Mr. Reghuthaman (DR Admin)
    7. Registrar
    1. Postal Stamp and first day cover along with a letter of appreciation for all current and superannuated employees across all caders; also for all current students of IITB.
    2. IITB- DJ branding and letter of appreciation (can be used as Memento)
    3. Incorporation of Logo and Tagline in Postal franking Machine of IITB
    4. Registration Kits
    5. Estimate budget for these activities by March 05, 2018
  4. Alumni Events Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean ACR , Dean FA and Dean IR
    2. Prof. Tom V Mathews (Civil)
    3. Mr. Kapil Kaul DRF CEO
    4. IITB AA CEO
    5. IITB-HF representative Ron Mehta
    6. Prof. Ali Contractor
    7. Local Convenor from host city
    1. Plan and conduct an Alumni event across the globe including in India in collaboration with IITB-AA and IITB-HF
    2. Coordinating with Local convener ( an Alum from host city), who will be co-opted into the above committee for that event.
    3. Nominate IITB faculty for each event to organise and attend these
    4. Theme for each event (India as well as abroad)
    5. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  5. Internal Promotion Task Force (TF)

    1. DD- AIA
    2. Dean ACR
    3. PRO
    4. Prof. Sunthar (ChE)
    5. Prof. B Ravi (ME)
    6. Prof. Aniruddha Joshi
    7. Prof. A B Inamdar (CSRE)
    1. Create Website with Highlighted IITB-DJ logo and links to IITB-DJ events and activities
    2. Promotion of IITB-DJ logo internally through stationary (letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, etc.)
    3. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  6. TEDx Talks Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean R & D
    2. Dean ACR
    3. Prof. Sridhar Iyer (Head CDEEP)
    4. Prof. Sunthar (ChE)
    5. Prof. Kannan Moudgalya (ChE)
    6. 下属的极品妻子36p 下属的极品妻子36p ,半老徐娘之五很有味道 半老徐娘之五很有味道 Prof. Preeti Rao (PIC - CE & QIP Office)
    7. PRO
    8. Prof. Kavi Arya
    9. Prof. Gururajan Mogadalai
    10. Prof. Rohit Manchanda
    11. Dr. Rakesh G. Mote
    12. Prof. Purushottam Kulkarni
    13. Prof. Sudesh Balan
    1. Organize TedX talks on IITB-related subjects of policy and public interest
    2. Organize Ted-type technical talks by Faculty, students and Alumni
    3. Promotion of these talks on social media like YouTube and other streaming media
    4. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  7. IITB Technology Demonstrator Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. Dean R & D
    3. Prof. Shyam Asolekar (CESE)
    4. Prof. Virendra Sethi (CESE)
    5. Prof. Pradipta Banerji (Civil Engg.)
    1. Identify and select projects that are at an advanced level that can be implemented on campus, and recommend to Dean IPS for implementation so as to begin during the DJ year.
    2. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  8. IITB Departmental Conference/Seminar and Open Day Task Force (TF)

    1. DD AIA
    2. Dean AP
    3. Respective Heads of each Department / Centre / Cell or their representative
    4. Dean ACR
    5. DRF-CEO
    6. Departmental G.Sec Acad UG
    7. Departmental G.Sec Acad PG
    1. Organise one or more major departmental conference / seminar / workshops to showcase the achievements and future plans for next decade
    2. Organise departmental Open Day for the families of staff, students and faculty
    3. Suggest invited talks by noted speakers and prominent alumni to the Distinguished Lecture series Task Force who shall consider the suggestions for IITB-DJ Distinguished Lecture series.
    4. Generate a detailed departmental document or white paper of all its activities and its achievements, and to outline its future plans and its vision for the next decade and more in teaching and research.
    5. Estimate budget for carrying out these activities.
  9. Museum and Archive Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. Prof. S P Sukhatme
    3. Prof. Rohit Manchanda (BSBE)
    4. Prof. Rangan Banerjee (ESE)
    5. Prof. U N Gaitonde (ME)
    6. Prof. Anil Kumar (Chemistry)
    1. To plan the IITB Museum and Archive, first in a temporary structure during the DJ year, and then for a more permanent structure.
    2. To arrange for various documents and memorabilia items like IIT’s map,early ID cards, etc., and to archive them.
    3. To display of some of these on permanent location such as Central Library, Main Gate, Market Gate, Main building and VMCC. Others in the Museum.
    4. To make a virtual version of the same on website as IITB’s journey
    5. To commission a Book and/or Souvenir and/or film in IIT-DJ year
    6. Estimate budget for these activities by March 15, 2018
  10. Clean Campus Task Force (TF)

    Members Responsibilites
    1. Propose means (e.g. like an empowered permanent task-force) by which the campus can be kept clean, green and free of debris, and for proper drainage during rainy season.
    2. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  11. Community Centre Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. NASA Staff representative bearer
    3. Faculty representative (Faculty incharge staff club)
    1. To enable the start of the construction of the already-approved Community centre during the DJ year.
    2. To re-visit the plans to ensure that the design meets the needs of the campus
    3. Estimate the budget for this activity by March 10,2018
  12. Crèche Expansion Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. Prof. P Sunthar (ChE)
    3. Prof. Kameswari Chebrolu (CSE)
    4. Prof. Shobha Shukla (MEMS)
    5. Prof. Dipti Gupta (MEMS)
    1. To enable the start of the Expansion of existing Crèche during the DJ year.
    2. To re-visit the plans to ensure that the design meets the immediate needs of the campus
    3. To propose plans for a future expanded creche facility.
    4. Estimate the budget for this activity by March 10, 2018
  13. Art and Culture on campus Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. Prof. Ravi Poovaiah (IDC)
    3. Class of 1990 representative (Ms. Anuradha Narsimhan)
    1. To suggest ways to promote display of art and Culture at various points of the campus
    2. To artistically display notable achievements and people (e.g., lists and plaques of fellows of scientific societies, prominent awards, notable achievements, etc.) at various points like: Main gate, Institute Infinity corridor and external wall displays
    3. To make some Selfie points in campus (including one at Main gate)
    4. Estimate the budget for this activity by March 10, 2018
  14. Traditional art studio Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean IPS
    2. Head IDC
    3. Prof.Raja Mohanty (IDC)
    1. To plan a traditional art studio of art and craft activities like : Pottery, Weaving, Terracotta Painting and mural and sculpture wall art.
    2. Estimate budget for these activities by March 10, 2018
  15. Signage on campus Task Force (TF)

    1. Director
    2. DD AIA (Conveno
    3. Dean SA
    4. Dean IPS
    5. DRF -CEO
    6. Prof. Mandar Rane (IDC)
    7. PRO
    8. Sup. Engineer
    9. G.Sec HA
    1. Make a proper map of IIT Campus in various formats including interactive, print, etc.
    2. Consider possibility of integrating with Google Maps with street view.
    3. Naming of roads, walkways, waypoints and interactions
    4. Signage outside IIT Market Gate and IIT Main gate
    5. Design various signage inside campus with proper direction
    6. Display of signage at different locations inside IIT Campus
    7. Signage format ( Printed or electronic)
    8. Estimate the budget for this activity by March 10,2018
  16. 下属的极品妻子36p 下属的极品妻子36p ,半老徐娘之五很有味道 半老徐娘之五很有味道
  17. Economic Impact Assessment Task Force (TF)

    1. DD AIA
    2. Prof. S P Sukhatme
    3. Dean ACR
    4. Dean R & D
    5. DRF-CEO
    6. Prof. Shisher Jha (SOM)
    7. Prof. Kalliappan (Chemistry)
    8. Prof. Ali Contractor
    9. Mr. Raj Nair (Alumnus)
    10. Mr. Ashank Desai ( Alumnus)
    11. Prof. Ashok Mishra
    12. Mr. Ajit Ranade
    13. Mr. Ajit Rangnekar
    1. Economic impact assessment of IIT
    2. Hiring of an outside agency for this study
    3. Publish in form of booklet and web report during IITB-DJ year
    4. Estimate the budget for this activity by March 10, 2018
  18. Student-led events Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean SA
    2. Respective Hostel wardens (for hostel events)
    3. Respective student council members
    4. G.Sec., MI OC, TF OC, SARC OC (event -specific)
    1. To hold special IITB-DJ editions of PAF, Mood Indigo and Tech fest as per above suggestions
    2. To hold one Hostel Level Event involving well wishers and hostel alumni
    3. To hold events like: Inter hostel debate competitions, technology competitions, Inter hostel Matches, Musical nites, etc., and try to include outside target groups like prospective students
    4. Estimate the budget for this goal by March 10, 2018
  19. Campus and KV School Outreach Lab Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean AP
    2. Dean R&D
    3. Prof. Joseph John & Prof. Ramesh Singh
    4. (Head Tinkerer’s lab)
    5. Prof. Abhijit Majumdar (ChE)
    6. Prof. Supratik (CSE)
    7. Prof. Virendra Sethi ( Former KV school Chairman)
    8. Prof. Deepankar Choudhury (CE)
    9. Prof. P P Date (ME) (Campus school)
    10. Tech. Gen.sec.
    11. Respective school principals
    1. Set up an hands-on lab in IITB Academic Area for school children to learn
    2. Facilitate access in an Hands-on manner to use high end equipment by having one or two full time contract staff and inviting students in small batches.
    3. Assist student’s growth by conducting workshops tuned to student needs
    4. Include a table-top SEM, Tinkerer’s lab, eye-tracking for gaze analysis, etc.
    5. Estimate budget needed for these activities by March 10, 2018
  20. Children’s Library Section Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean AP
    2. Prof. Rama Devi (Central Library Chair)
    3. Prof. Parag Bhargava (MEMS)
    4. Librarian (Central Library)
    5. School Teachers ( School Library representatives)
    1. To plan and execute Children’s library Section and reading room in central library
    2. Facilitate some sessions on read-together (with parents) and read-aloud (with prominent children’s authors).
    3. Estimate budget for these activities by March 15, 2018
  21. Staff Children Scholarship Task Force (TF)

    1. DD AIA
    2. DD FEA
    3. Scholarship committee head
    4. DR- F&A
    5. NASA Representative
    1. Work out a scheme for Scholarship for campus children taking up higher education
    2. Plan Fund raising with Dean ACR, DRF and IITB-AA’s help
    3. Solicit contributions from within IITB (including faculty and staff).
    4. Explore possibilities of contributions from other sources like alumni (through IITB-AA and IITB-HF) and others.
    5. Estimate the budget for this goal by March 15, 2018
  22. Distinguished Lecture series Task Force (TF)

    1. Dean AP
    2. Dean R & D
    3. IITB Colloquium series incharge (Prof. Anirban Sain, Physics)
    4. Prof. Mahesh Tirumkudulu (ChE)
    5. PRO
    6. DRF-CEO
    7. CDEEP Head
    1. National & International leaders in Sci. & Technl. for delivering lectures
    2. Prominent Alumni and Noble prize winner’s invited talks
    3. Organise Distinguished lecture series for
    4. Teacher’s day
    5. Engineer’s day
    6. National Science Day
    7. Education Day
    8. Estimate budget for these activities throughout IITB-DJ year.
  23. Gift to Staff and Faculty on Occasion of Diamond Jubilee

    1. Dy. Director (FEA) ..Convener
    2. Dy. Director (AIA)
    3. Registrar
    4. Prof. Anil Kumar (Dept. of Chemistry)
    5. Shri Mahaveer L. Gandosi, President, NASA
    1. Distribution of gifts should be completed at least before foundation day.


Tech Events

  • Defense Technologies  May  17,  2018

    As part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, IIT Bombay had organized a half-day deliberation on Defense Technologies on 17 May 2018. Rear Admiral V.M. Doss, VSM, ACNS(Air Materiel), Naval HQs was the Chief Guest for the event, which was held in the Fourth Floor Conference Room, VMCC, IIT Bombay.

    The event kicked off with Dr. Devang Khakhar, Director, IIT Bombay, welcoming the Chief Guest and all the dignitaries. This was followed by presentations from NCAIR, CoEST, CEN, and Research Park giving an overview of the research activities and industry collaborations undertaken by the respective centers at IIT Bombay. Dr. Patri, Director, Naval Material Research Labs (NMRL), also gave an overview of the research activities at NMRL.

    Rear Admiral Doss was introduced to the participants by Prof. Amol Gokhale. Rear Admiral shared his thoughts on Relevance of Indigenization and Role of Academia in Defense and highlighted the expectations of Indian Navy from IIT Bombay and the Industry.

    Industry representatives from Bharat Forge, L&T Defense, Applied Materials and others had an opportunity to interact with Rear Admiral Doss following his talk. Prof. Anil Kulkarni gave the Vote of Thanks to the gathered participants to conclude the event.

    The event was well received with over 30 participants representing more than 10 industries attending the event. The photos of the event for your perusal at the following links:




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Misc Events

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